Does the Home You Want to Purchase Have a Clean Bill of Health Regarding Termites?

Per a survey via Porch, nearly 88% of home buyers used the services provided by home inspectors for recent home purchases. That’s almost 9 out of 10 homebuyers. Whether you are purchasing or refinancing a home, many lending institutions require different types of tests including radon testing, mold testing, and termite inspections. They want to know if the property has sustained damages from termites or other types of wood-destroying insects.

If a home has structural damage, then the lending company usually requires that the property is treated and structural damages repaired. However, you may still be wonder why is so important to schedule a termite inspection. Sure, the lender may require it, but otherwise, it may seem like it is not really necessary. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Termites Can Cause Significant Damage

Termites are actually responsible for a lot of property damage. The cost to repair and treat termite damage is between $1 billion to $5 billion dollars annually. Termite damages, especially an infestation, require homeowners to spend a significant amount of money before they can sell their homes.

An annual termite inspection by top property inspectors could have prevented a lot of the damage. It is important for you to have a termite inspection before you purchase a home. Then you will know whether the property is a good investment or a high-risk investment.

What to Expect from a Property Inspector

You may not know what to expect from a property inspector that is conducting a termite inspection. They are essentially looking for any damage caused by these pests. Any observed damage will be listed and then recommendations will be made for further treatment if needed.

Every room inside the property for sale will be checked. This includes bedrooms, the kitchen, bathrooms, and even closets. The substructure area, as well as the attic, will also be inspected. At the time of the inspection itself, any signs of leaking pipes, pests, and wood damaged by moisture will be checked too. If an underground termite infestation is noticed, treatment will be recommended for that too.

Who Gets the Termite Certification?

Most of the time, the buyer’s agent or buyer will request a termite certification. The seller is responsible for treatments as well as repairs. The buyer must be supplied with a copy of the termite inspection report before a deal for the property is made.

Why Does a Buyer Need a Termite Inspection?

A termite inspection tends to be part of the real estate transaction. Inspections for termites give the buyer an idea of the actual state of the home before they purchase it. This also ensures the seller is aware of the precise condition of the home they want to sell and gives them time to remedy a nasty termite situation.

Termites Affect Home Values

Termites are a serious problem that can actually affect the value of a home. Whether the home has termites or not could become a key factor when it comes to negotiations too. This is one of the main reasons why inspections are so important for both buyers and sellers.

Inspections without any findings of a termite infestation are valued higher than an infected home. There is also the point that a homeowner could find an infestation before they put their home up for sale and remedy the situation. This makes sure the property is 100% saleable to potential buyers. Termite inspections also help homeowners keep track of the pests and schedule regular treatment to keep their homes termite-free.

Schedule an Inspection Today

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