5 issues in Your Home that Could Fail a Home Inspection

5 issues in Your Home that Could Fail a Home Inspection

A home inspection is a crucial part of the home buying process. Some problems can ruin the deal, prompting the buyer to withdraw. Here are some of the issues a property inspector may unearth.

1. Leaky Roof and Weak Building Structure

One issue that home inspectors often encounter is a leaky roof. The water can cause other faults in the structure of the roofing materials.

The problems may include minor faults such as worn-out flashing and broken shingles. There could also be leaking around the chimney, skylights, and gutters.

2. Drainage and Foundation Problems

Your roofing may also succumb to water getting under the shingles when the ice melts. When the ice freezes again, it will push up and damage the flashing and the roofing tiles. The damage can progress through the years, causing extensive damage to the roof. That’s why you should hire a home inspector to evaluate the condition of the roofing annually.

A property inspector will assess your gutters and downspouts. The area around the building must also have proper grading that allows the water to flow away freely.

Tree roots could also damage your drainage pipes. The rootlets tend to follow moisture and may eventually puncture the piping. An inspection can detect similar issues that are not easy to spot with the naked eye.

3. Failing Electrical and Heating System

With electrical problems causing more than 50,000 residential fires annually, you need to ensure the system is without fault. A home inspector should evaluate your home’s circuit at least once a year.

If your home is more than 30 years old, it is advisable to consult a Knoxville home inspector. Older homes have outdated electrical systems that can pose a danger.

Some of the faults an inspector may find include:

  • Frayed wires and connectors
  • Lack of a GFCI protection
  • Outdated aluminum wiring
  • Ungrounded outlets

4. Pest and Termite Inspection in Knoxville

Termites can be a problem during Knoxville’s hot and muggy summer season. At their peak, their colonies can accommodate up to 1 million individual insects. According to statistics, approximately $5 billion is wasted annually due to the destruction from termite infestation.

Termites can infest your floorboards, ceiling, drywall, and other parts of your property. The insects work 24 hours a day, tunneling through wooden structures and furniture.

They can continue destroying structures for years without being detected. That is why a termite inspection is essential to find them before they cause a wide-scale infestation.

5. Radon, Asbestos, or Lead on Your Property

An older home may have sections built with toxic and outdated materials. Lead paint and asbestos are some of the problems your home inspectors can unearth. You may also consider well-water testing to find Radon and other toxins and contaminants in your water supply.

Trying to find issues around the property can be frustrating and time-consuming for homeowners. A home inspector has the expertise and experience to pinpoint the source and offer recommendations. Therefore, a commercial inspection is an investment that can prevent losses and protect your home from damage.