Pool Inspections

NPI West Houston Pool & Spa Inspections

Providing Pool Inspections for West Houston, Sugar Land, Mission Bend, Bellaire, West University Place, Four Corners, Richmond, The Memorial Villages and Surrounding Areas

If the home you’re buying features a pool or spa, or if you’re a homeowner who wants a detailed report on the condition of your existing pool and spa system, National Property Inspections Phoenix can give you the information you need.

Pools and spas are complex systems, and even if everything looks fine, there could be problems you don’t know to look for. Our professional inspectors have the experience to identify issues before they become costly headaches.

Here are the things we inspect during a pool and spa inspection:

  • Visible interior finish materials 
  • Visible parts of pool decks, steps, and coping 
  • Visible parts of pumps, motors, blowers, filters, drains, skimmers, heaters, automatic safety controls, gauges, visible piping and valves, and conduit 
  • Cross connections in the water supply system 
  • External bonding of pump motors and other components (if required to be bonded) 
  • Operation of readily accessible lights, ground fault circuit interrupters, and other electrical components of the pool/spa system 
  • Safety barriers and alarms, entrapment prevention devices, and more if present 
  • Vegetation, grading, and retaining walls

When you’re buying a home with a pool, it pays to know exactly what condition it’s in. Contact your NPI inspector today to schedule your pool and spa inspection, or add one to your home inspection for extra peace of mind.