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Get a Free Repair Estimate Report with Your NPI Home Inspection

No matter the age or type of home, it’s common for any house to need a few repairs. National Property Inspections is proud to partner with Thumbtack to help new homeowners get projects done more efficiently and for less.

We’re here to take the guesswork out of what needs done, who to hire, and who will cover the cost. With your Thumbtack report, you can know the facts and get right to work on getting the home ready for its new owners.

First, you’ll upload your inspection report to the Thumbtack platform. Then, within 24 hours or less, you’ll receive your repair estimate based on the home inspector’s findings. Your easy-to-read report will organize needed repairs by price and priority, from urgent to pressing to cosmetic. From there, you and your real estate agent can review the report together and start the negotiation process armed with accurate cost guidelines and a list of highly rated pros. 

Why is a Repair Estimate Report Valuable?

  • Negotiating Power. By knowing the cost of any necessary or cosmetic repairs, you'll have the power to request repairs from the home seller or negotiate your offer.
  • A Custom, Ready-to-Tackle Maintenance and Repair Plan. Save time and get a head start on new home repairs, maintenance items, or renovations with a budget in place.
  • Access to Highly Qualified Local Pros. Your Repair Estimate Report will provide you with a list of qualified professionals who can get the job done. And don't worry—Thumbtack won't share your information with their pros. You'll have the power to make the first move and contact a professional when you're ready.

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