Manufactured Home Certifications

NPI Grand Rapids Manufactured Home Foundation Certifications

Providing Foundation Inspections & Certifications for Manufactured Homes in Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Kentwood, Grandville, Cutlerville, Jenison, Byron Center and Surrounding Areas

Unlike larger homes constructed with standard building techniques, manufactured homes have their own unique considerations that need to be addressed during an inspection. Our inspectors can certify that manufactured home foundations are compliant to HUD/FHA, VA, and Conventional Lending requirements and standards.

Why Are Permanent Foundation Certifications Necessary?
In most cases, purchasing a new or existing manufactured home with a mortgage requires certification that the structure’s foundation complies with Federal Housing Administration (FHA) standards. The FHA won’t insure these mortgages without confirming that the manufactured home’s foundation is present, permanent, and functional.

What Do We Check for with Permanent Foundation Certification Inspections?
Your NPI inspector will conduct a structural inspection to determine:

  • Whether the manufactured home is permanently tied down
  • That the home will not drift off the foundation or piers
  • That the home’s site drainage is sufficient to not flood the basement or crawl space

When you’re purchasing a manufactured home, trust the professionals at National Property Inspections to give you the information you need, when you need it.

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