Irrigation System Inspections

NPI Phoenix Irrigation System Inspections

Providing Sprinkler Inspections for Southwest Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and Surrounding Areas

Your home’s irrigation or sprinkler system is complex—if you’re purchasing a home with an existing irrigation system, it pays to have it professionally inspected. 

Your NPI inspector has years of experience identifying issues with home irrigation systems. Small problems can often be corrected inexpensively, before they turn into big issues down the road.

What’s Involved in a Sprinkler System Inspection?
Your sprinkler inspection is a thorough examination of every visible component of your system. Here are some of the items we look for during every inspection:

  • Issues with sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads can be clogged, cracked or even broken, which can lead water going where it shouldn’t.
  • Leaking pipes or valves. Your inspector will carefully examine all connection points in the system to ensure no leaks are present.
  • Disconnected wiring. If the system isn’t functioning, sometimes the problem can be as simple as a disconnected wire in the control box. We check all wiring to make sure all connections are secure.
  • Overgrown plants and other barriers. An overgrowth of bushes can block the normal water stream and cause pooling or other issues that damage your lawn.

Why Get an Irrigation System Inspection?
Your sprinkler system works best when all components are working together, from the controller and moisture sensors to backflow preventer and shut-off valve. By getting your system inspected professionally, you’ll reap the benefits:

  • Your system will last longer. Identifying small problems now means you’ll help the sprinkler system operate at maximum efficiency and avoid excessive wear and tear. 
  • You’ll waste less water. Making sure there are no leaks in the system helps you conserve water, saving your hard-earned money and the environment. 
  • You’ll have a healthy lawn. When it’s functioning correctly, your irrigation system efficiently utilizes water for a healthy, vibrant lawn.

If you feel like your sprinkler system could use a check, schedule your irrigation inspection with NPI Phoenix today.