NPI Northwest Alabama Home Watch

Serving Madison, Decatur, Harvest, Trinity, Athens, Florence, Killen, Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, Russellville, Moulton, Rogersville, Lexington and Surrounding Areas

Work, travel, or family obligations could find you away from home for an extended stretch. Or maybe you choose to split your time between two or more properties based on weather and seasonal hobbies. Whether you’ll be away for days, weeks, or months, National Property Inspections can help keep your home safe and in excellent condition. 

NPI’s trained and licensed inspectors serve as your eyes and ears while you’re away, ensuring your property remains safe, secure and in great condition. We work with you to schedule and customize a checklist based on your specific needs and provide a weekly digital report, complete with photos. As part of your inspection, we’ll automatically: 

  1. Make sure all doors and windows are secure, checking for signs of forced entry 
  2. Test outdoor motion sensors and lighting 
  3. Check for weather damage 
  4. Bring in any mail, newspapers, and packages 
  5. Verify that any contracted services are being completed (pest control, lawn care, and more) 

You can also choose from the following additional services, or request custom services unique to your property: 

  • Flush Toilets
  • Run faucets 
  • Change air filters 
  • Report on interior temperature and humidity 
  • Check for any pest or rodent issues 
  • Verify that security system is armed 
  • Water houseplants 
  • Check for leaks 
  • Check or run appliances 
  • Start cars 
  • Serve as an emergency contact 

In addition to our regular menu of services, we help fulfill any home watch requirements set by your insurance provider. With Home Watch by National Property Inspections, there’s no such thing as an absentee homeowner. Request your consultation below to keep your property in great shape, no matter how long you’ll be away.