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Get a Free Home Energy Dashboard with Your NPI Home Inspection

Within 48 hours of receiving your NPI home inspection report, Energy Raven will provide you with a digital dashboard that is property-specific so you can understand the free money available from federal, state, and your local utility to offset upgrades at your address. All NPI home inspections include Energy Raven free of charge to make sure you get the information on how to upgrade your home and save money!

When you choose NPI, you receive unmatched value with your home inspection report for no additional charge. Energy Raven is a home energy assessment that helps you see how the home uses energy and where you can save. A Raven Report is included with your home inspection to help make sure there are no surprises when it comes to life in your new home.

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Schedule Your NPI Home Inspection Today & Get Your Energy Raven Dashboard
Energy Raven has revolutionized the energy assessment for the home. They combine data points collected by your inspector with data analytics and AI to create a roadmap that can show you the energy use of the house today, ways to reduce energy bills in the future, and how you can unlock free money to offset costs. Schedule your inspection with NPI today to take advantage of this valuable dashboard.