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At NPI South Richmond, we truly value the relationships we create with our agents. Here are a few valuable, free resources for you and your clients that demonstrate our appreciation. From our 120-Day Warranty, a 200% Guarantee, 5 Free CE Courses for Agents, and more, we want this to be your One-Stop-Shop for all your home inspection needs.


1. Buyer's Inspections
Before buyers close on their new home, an NPI homebuyer’s inspection sheds light on hundreds of a home’s most important components. From the roof and furnace to plumbing and foundation, our residential inspectors take detailed notes on the condition of the property, giving our clients the information they need to make the best home-buying decision and prepare for future maintenance.

2. Pre-Sell Inspections
Getting an inspection before a home hits the market can help you sell faster and save money. Pre-listing inspections also let you know which parts of a home to fix before they become deal breakers for potential buyers. With a home seller’s inspection, homeowners won’t be taken by surprise by a major issue before they sell their home. A thorough NPI inspection report included in a home’s disclosure documents can improve bargaining power.

3. Radon and Mold Inspections
Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas and the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US, according to the Surgeon General. Radon can enter a home through cracks in the foundation, and because it’s odorless and colorless, the only way to detect it is with a professional inspection.
Your NPI inspector can check the basement, crawl spaces, attic, carpet and more for potentially hazardous mold. If mold is suspected, samples can be collected and analyzed to confirm the extent of the contamination and determine necessary remediation.

4. 1-Hour Walk Through Consultations
A one-hour walk through consultation is designed to help investors gain more insight about a home and is perfect for those that do not require a home inspection but would like more information about a property. This is a great, budget-friendly way to help understand potential issues so clients can make informed decisions moving forward in the property transaction.

Buying or selling a home comes with a unique set of potential problems. Homeowners find a leak, their furnace breaks down, their roof needs some work. With the 120-Day Warranty from National Property Inspections in partnership with Complete Protection, our clients don’t have to worry about these unexpected expenses. Whether buying or selling, inspection warranties save clients money and protect their investment. Click here for more details on the 120-Day Warranty from NPI South Richmond.

Between the inspection and this Complete Protection (CP) 120- day warranty, clients can proceed without worrying about an unexpected repair bill or a major appliance replacement. Here's what's covered:

  • Appliances
  • Climate
  • Plumbing
  • Foundation
  • Framework
  • Roof
  • Mold
  • Water Lines
  • Sewer Lines.

See the flyer here for a full description of the provided warranties!

CP protects any part that is inside the sheet-metal skin of appliances. We also have no exclusions for age, rust, lack of maintenance, or unknown preexisting conditions.

If clients need a repair they may use a local technician of their choice or a local professional from our service referral network. CP is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for questions and claims.

CP pays 100% of the repair costs (parts and labor); there is no deductible for clients to pay when a servicer comes out. CP has a guaranteed reimbursement toward the replacement of protected appliances.




We guarantee client satisfaction, or they get their money back! If you are dissatisfied with NPI's services at any time during the inspection, we'll refund their money and cover the cost of another inspector of their choosing, up to the cost of the original inspection fee.



NPI home inspections also come with the Porch Guarantee, a 90-day guarantee to cover any deficiencies missed in the inspection report. The Porch Guarantee provides confidence when hiring the right home inspector





At NPI South Richmond, the integrity of our inspectors is backed by a nationwide association. With the $10,000 Honor Guarantee from InterNACHI, our customers are protected from any wrong-doing.




With a qualifying home inspection, our clients automatically receive Porch Home Assistant Gold, a complimentary service with a $350 value. Once a home inspection is complete, a personal Home Assistant will be in touch to help our clients book moving services, home maintenance, installations and more. They'll also receive a $100 credit toward services, exclusive discounts from home service providers, access to a 24/7 hotline for maintenance issues, and the Ask the Experts mobile app.



All inspections by NPI South Richmond come with a lifetime subscription to HomeBinder (a $300+ value) to help manage our clients' most important asset - their home.

Gain Peace of Mind
Let HomeBinder reduce the stress and headaches of remembering every home-related issue and time frame.

Enjoy Tailored Support
After we inspect your home, we're able to populate our client's binder with recommended home pros and other specific resource to help them best manage it.

Prevent Costly Repairs
Easily keep up with regular home maintenance to avoid unexpected issues. Spend a little time and money today to save thousands later.

Available on Any Device
Have immediate 24-7 access to all the information on a client's new home with our app, available on IOS and Android. Rest easy knowing your info is safely stored.

Click here for more information on HomeBinder.

At NPI South Richmond, we are committed to delivering an exceptional inspection, every time. Our inspectors receive the most extensive training available in the industry, and are also required to complete at least 70 hours of in-the-field training and at least 25 ride-along inspections before becoming full inspectors. In addition, all NPI South Richmond inspectors are state-licensed in Virginia and fully insured, including Errors & Omissions and Liability.

Our dedication to client education sets us apart from the rest. Our job isn’t to scare your clients—rather, we put issues in perspective to help manage expectations during the home-buying or selling process. With our multi-inspector operation, you can expect high-quality inspections and customer service with the scheduling flexibility you and your clients need.

Take advantage of our checklists and documents to make the inspection process easier.

Prepare for your next license renewal with the NPI Continuing Education courses for agents. Your local NPI inspector offers state-certified CE courses that are informative and entertaining. Check out our menu of CE courses below and click on each image for the course description. All of our courses include FREE breakfast or lunch.

Ready to schedule an NPI CE course? Contact Office and Marketing Manager Richard Sorensen at 804-998-0805 or email

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CE Commercial Inspections 101
CE Understanding Older Homes
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