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Finding the Right Home - 4/28/2015
When approaching a piece of property you are interested in, look first at the overall picture and then at the details.

NPI Homebuyer Checklist
The perfect house can become the perfect money pit if you don’t take off the rose-colored glasses and take a careful look at the exterior, interior and overall condition of any property purchase. It’s important to take your time, consider the neighborhood, safety issues and maintenance lists you may face in the future.

A systematic approach

When approaching a piece of property you are interested in, look first at the overall picture and then at the details. Begin your review the minute you park the car. Is the home large or small compared to other homes in the neighborhood? What features might hurt/help resale? What is the overall condition of the buildings, landscaping materials and driveways?

Starting on the exterior and working through the interior, work in the same general direction in each space examined – either clockwise or counterclockwise. Examine the structure from roof to foundation and each room from ceiling to floor. Do not overlook closets and cupboards.

Consider the building materials used and the overall condition. Have the walls been newly painted? Are their cracks above doors or windows? Do tree branches overhang the gutter system? Are gutters securely attached? Can you spot holes or cracks in the siding? Are their large bushes or trees next to the home that might provide an easy spot for burglars to hide? Safety is just one item to consider. Other issues might be: the likelihood of water intrusion, general maintenance items, age of mechanical or electrical components, ease of traffic flow, space and energy use.

To help you with your search, we've created at consumer checklist for your use.

Download here.

This is not meant to be a complete or exhaustive list of maintenance or safety items. Once you’ve made an offer on a home or business, call NPI for a quote on a full property inspection for your own peace of mind. The checklist is just a great starting point to help you differentiate between several properties you may be considering.


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