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Helping Your Inspector Prepare: Builder’s Warranty Inspections - 4/28/2015
Have your new home inspected before the builder's warranty runs out.

Most new homes are sold with a 12-month warranty provided by the builder, although some are shorter, and others may be two years or more. As the end of the warranty period approaches, it’s important to have your home inspected by a professional to ensure that anything covered under the warranty can be repaired before the warranty expires.

An unbiased third-party inspector will look at the exterior and interior of the home, as well as all major home systems. This gives you a better understanding of your home and written information to help smooth communication between you and your builder. To help the inspector provide the most thorough investigation possible, it is important to consider what items might be of specific concern to your home. Consider the following questions prior to your inspection. If any of the items pertain to your home, write down the location of the concern for the inspector:

What repairs has the builder done since your move and how satisfied are you with the results?

Have you noticed squeaks in the stairs or floors?

Have you noticed any windows that don’t work properly, are fogged or are cracked?

Have you noticed any faucet leaks or roof leaks?

Have you noticed any light switches, fixtures or electrical outlets that don’t work?

Are there areas of the home that are warmer or cooler than others?

Do you have problems with the shower, tub or toilet?

Are there any problems with walls, wall coverings or missing finish touches on wood or fireplaces?

For a printable pdf of these questions and information about preparing your home for an inspection, click here.


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