Our Inspection Services

NPI’s diversified inspection services make it more than just a home buyer's inspection company. NPI has performed inspections for a variety of clients, including employee relocation companies, lenders, insurance companies and commercial property investors. 

NPI professionals cover the services that customers want and are trained to perform a thorough, visual assessment on the current condition of a residential or commercial property. NPI services include the following:

  • Home buyer’s preclosing inspections
  • Home seller’s prelisting inspections
  • Construction draw inspections
  • Commercial building inspections
  • Builder's warranty inspections (before warranty expires)
  • Employee relocation home inspections
  • Field services and property assessments
  • FHA 203(k) consulting and inspections
  • Other specialty inspections (radon, termite, energy inspections, commercial Infrared imaging, etc.)

Unbiased Inspections

Purchasing any property is a major investment, and an inspection will help you make an informed decision. NPI is a trusted, unbiased third party working for you. An objective property inspection gives you a clear, concise checklist of information regarding your home or commercial property and an understanding of all major systems and components.

More on NPI's Services

NPI has some valuable slideshows to show you more about the inspection services. Just click to get started, and click to advance each slide.


Home Inspections for Buyers Commercial Property Inspection Services
 Pre-Purchase Home Inspections for Buyers  Commercial Property Inspection Services
 Prelisting Inspections for Sellers  Radon Environmental Inspection
 Prelisting Home Inspections for Sellers  Radon Environmental Inspections
 Specialized Property Inspection Services  
 Specialty Inspections for Banks, Insurance Companies and More  
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