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Even in a new home, there could be problems virtually anywhere — many that only a trained professional would recognize. Some of the most common defects are found in the following areas:

– Paint and caulking
– Doors and windows
– Heating and air conditioning
– Exterior walls
– Plumbing
– Floors, walls and ceilings
– Electrical
– Roofing
– Appliances
– Driveway
– Septic field
– Foundation
– Sewer system
– Landscaping
1 According to a National Association of Home Builders (NAHE) survey.

Avoid Costly Repairs – Schedule Your Builder’s Warranty Inspection Before Your Warranty Expires

Building a new home is an expensive and stressful undertaking. Protecting your investment is significantly easier.

Even though your home isn’t a year old yet, there could be underlying issues that have not yet become visible to you. These issues should be noted and presented to your builder before your warranty expires. If you don't report these defects to your builder before the warranty expires, you could be liable for the repair costs — and the expenses could be significant.

Certified, Trained and Experienced

Your National Property Inspections inspector is trained to look for things that may have been missed during your city or closing inspection. We look for symptoms that might point to bigger problems: For example, a crack in the floor may indicate a more serious issue with the home’s foundation; water spots could indicate a faulty roof or poorly installed flashing; and improperly grounded electrical outlets could pose a fire hazard. NPI inspects your home top to bottom — roof to foundation — to identify any defects so you can report them to your builder before your warranty expires.

To request a quote, please fill out the information fields below.  Because each property is different, we will call to discuss your inspection further, understand your needs and determine costs. When we call, we will need to know the square footage of the home or business you are purchasing or selling and the number of HVAC units. Having your property inspected makes great sense and will provide you with peace of mind in your purchasing decisions.

Thank you for considering NPI, a company committed to excellence.

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