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May 2017: Driveways and Sidewalks
Snapshots From The Field

What Is Wrong With This Chimney?

Snapshots From The Field
  1. The shingles are old and worn out.
  2. There is no step flashing present on the chimney.
  3. The grout around the chimney isn’t properly recessed.

Correct Answer B.There is no step flashing present on the chimney.

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Home Re-inspections

Many home and commercial property inspectors will offer clients a one-time re-inspection of a property for a free or reduced rate. A re-inspection commonly occurs after significant safety or maintenance items outlined in the original inspection report are repaired.

Noteworthy News

A re-inspection generally takes significantly less time than a complete inspection and focuses only on the items that were marked as marginal or defective in the original home inspection report. In general, it’s a good idea to prioritize safety items such as electrical issues or loose railings, before making cosmetic changes.

The re-inspection is also a good opportunity to again ask the inspector to point out important shut-offs for the heating, electrical and plumbing systems. Mark these components so that they are easy to find in the event of an emergency.

Other things you might consider when you first move into a property include:

  • Labeling the circuits in electrical panels.
  • Having wood burning appliances inspected by a licensed professional before the first use.
  • Changing the locks on all the doors and install dead bolts for increased security.
    • An NPI inspector will work with you to make sure suggested safety or maintenance repairs meet industry standards. See how NPI service, like re-inspections, can help you get your new home in the condition you expect it to be.

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