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Wood-Destroying Insects - Termites - 3/5/2012
In many states, a termite inspection is required as part of the loan approval process.

Wood-destroying insects,  -like termites, carpenter ants or wood-boring beetles,-  bore into or eat wood and cellulose products including wooden beams or floors in buildings. These insects’ territory covers a large part of the United States. If left untreated, wood-destroying insects can damage the integrity of a structure. If found, they are readily treated using a number of options.

A termite inspection allows both buyer and seller to know whether termites are present. Inspections should be done by a certified inspector who has been trained in the biology and habits of termites and other wood-destroying insects. The inspector will look for the presence of termites or evidence of their presence.

To help prevent wood-destroying insects from entering your home or business, eliminate soil contact with the building's wood structure. To prevent moisture and insect damage, wood and soil should never come into contact. This includes fences, deck supports and porches. Wood siding should stop at least six inches above the soil. Bushes and trees should be trimmed back from the house, and wooden fences should never be nailed to the house.



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