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Water Quality Testing and Potability - 2/29/2012
Municipalities routinely check water supplies for water quality. If you have a private water supply, usually your own well, water quality testing will be up to you.

Many states require certain water tests on private well systems as part of the lending process when buying or selling a home.

Water that enters a private well system can pick up contaminates. The following are some common well water contaminates:

  • Improperly maintained septic system
  • Use of fertilizers/pesticides
  • Fuel spills
  • Industrial or commercial activity
  • Improper waste disposal

Some naturally occurring elements in the soil or rock may also leach into the groundwater and cause problems. Testing is the best way to determine the level of contaminants. Many are invisible to the naked eye and do not change the taste or appearance of the water.

Testing can determine whether levels of certain elements exceed state or federal standards. Two steps are required: First, water is collected from the property using specific gathering techniques and secured in the proper containers. From there, it is transported to a certified laboratory for testing. Once testing is completed, the client receives a written report outlining the significant findings.

No single water quality test can find all of the chemicals, bacteria or viruses that may be present in the water. Discuss with your inspector or the testing agency what tests you require.



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