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Preparing for Your Home Inspection - 2/29/2012
A home inspector looks at the exterior, interior, and major systems of a home.

Home inspectors are not required, nor advised to move items blocking access to areas that need to be inspected. Failure to provide access to these areas during the inspection can lead to incomplete results, call-backs, additional fees and a frustrated buyer. To make the process as smooth as possible, it’s important to provide clear, open access to the following:

  • Attic access doors, which may be in a closet, hallway or garage
  • Crawlspace access doors
  • Water meter and main water line
  • Hot water heater and surrounding area
  • Furnace and surrounding area
  • Air conditioning units and surrounding area
  • Main electrical panel
  • Electrical sub panels
  • Remove decorative items from doors and windows (including sun catchers, plants, etc.)
  • Kitchen countertops, oven and dishwasher
  • Foundation walls, especially the corners of the basement
  • Garage overhead and service doors

Provide a Safe Place for Pets

Whether a prospective buyer, home inspector, appraiser or real estate agent is coming into your home, it’s important to provide a safe place for pets. This may mean a sturdy, appropriately-sized kennel in the home. It can also mean taking the pet to a friend or relative they are comfortable with until things are more settled.

Please remember, many of these professionals will need to view both the interior and exterior of the home, so simply putting pets in an open yard is not enough.



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