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Sewer Scans

A sewer scan is a service provided by an experienced inspector using a highly sensitive  camera that will allow you the opportunity to see the sewer line and any hidden issues that might be lurking beneath the soil.

Did you know that the sewer line connected from the home or commercial property to the city line is the responsibility of the property owner? Do you know the cost of repairing these lines? Let’s just say, it’s more than you would be comfortable with.

There are many reasons why the sewer lateral line exiting any house or building might get damaged. Problems may occur and determining the source can be impossible without the right tools. That is why it’s so important to have the sewer line inspected during a home/commercial inspection so you don’t get stuck with the expense after closing.

Reasons You Should Opt For a Sewer Scan:Sewer scan at house clean-out

  • If a property is over twenty years old, drains can sag, collapse, become clogged or off-set due to tree roots, wash-outs, debris and age of the actual line.
  • Newly constructed properties are susceptible to broken joint connections or obstructions if the contractor did a poor job installing the drainage system.
  • A sewer line replacement could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Sewer back-ups can cause serious property damage and be an extra expense if issues are left unaddressed.

A sewer scan is an additional service, but one that can help you be proactive as either a home buyer or seller. As a buyer, it gives you peace of mind that you are making an educated buying decision where you can budget for repairs or use it as leverage for negotiating. As a seller, it provides you with the knowledge you need to be proactive in repairing the line so you get top dollar for your property.

Don’t be caught off guard. Having a simple sewer scan can save you time, money and help you close the deal with limited hassle.


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