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December 2017: Electrical Inspections
Snapshots From The Field

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Snapshots From The Field
  1. This is called a “concealed” downspout. It gives the outside of the house that “un-cluttered” look.
  2. This is called the maintenance-free downspout. You never have to worry about maintaining it or cleaning it out.
  3. Someone forgot to connect the downspout.
  4. The downspout is behind the wall.

Correct Answer D.It looks like there is no downspout there, when in fact they put it inside the wall. That’s okay isn’t it? When the day comes that it starts to leak, and it will, someone will be tearing the wall apart outside to fix it.

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Being Smart About Appraisals

An appraisal is an evaluation of the value of a property at the time of the sale. It is generally ordered by the lending agency. Documentation to back up the appraisals may include a brief inspection of the home, a comparison of recent sales of similar properties and a general description of the property. It is not a home inspection. A home inspection is a detailed visual inspection of hundreds of components of the home or other property completed over two hours or more. A home inspector is generally hired by the buyer or seller.

Noteworthy News

Consider these tips when hiring an appraiser:

  • Ask lenders you use about the appraiser’s qualifications.
  • Check that the appraiser’s memberships in professional organizations are up-to-date.
  • Verify years of experience with the state’s board of appraisers.

When reviewing the appraisal, use your own knowledge of the property, the location and the square footage to determine if the findings seem reasonable. If not, it should raise a red flag and you may have to get a second opinion.

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